The Good in Evil & The Evil in Good

Here’s the thing, I’m a Christian. I’m supposed to love all who is evil. Everyone is, but it’s hard. How are we supposed to love someone who has murdered an innocent person? How are we supposed to love someone who has raped a child? How are we supposed to see good even in these demons? It’s so hard to imagine that they were once an angel, but they were. We were all once pure and innocent.

There are a lot of people on this earth who are able to see the good in everyone and everything. Maybe you see yourself as one of those people. I know I do.
Ever since I was a child, I would get so mad at my parents for saying that Satan was an evil monster. Though, he definitely is, did he ever really want to be?

It was just one of one of those questions that always haunted me at night. So, yes, you could say that I see good in the devil himself. It makes me feel a little funny thinking about it. Like I’m rebellious or something. I just can’t help but wonder and I would love to know.

Maybe you don’t believe in God. Maybe you don’t think that any thing like that exists. I’m not going to sit here and shove my religion down your throat. So, let’s take a different example that every one of us can relate to. Try to think of an evil person in your life. Maybe it’s an ex. Maybe you had an abusive loved one in your life. Who do you see as a devil?

Now, I don’t mean to bring up any bad memories that you would rather keep in the shadows of your mind but just think of that person for a second. Do you think they have been that evil their entire lives? Think of the start of your relationship, if it is an ex. Think of how you loved each other. Maybe you were never sure about them like something was telling you to run but you stayed anyway. This that good part inside of you that’s trying to find good in an evil being.

After it, all ended you finally realized that they were just evil and there was no more hope left. Maybe not for that relationship but you have to remember that person did after all have even a lick of good in him/her.

When they were younger, they were just an innocent child just starting kindergarten with that cute, quirky smile that made their mothers smile as they took ‘first day of kindergarten’ pictures to frame and hang in the hallway. Maybe you think that there was no hope for that being, but you can still find that innocent child hidden inside of them.

We were all born innocent yet evil. Some fight it and some let it run wild.

We are all born with evil in our hearts. It’s because of the evil that was brought into this world from the very beginning. It’s almost unfair because it’s not like we ourselves chose to be evil. To be tempted by things we shouldn’t want or need. Though we always have a choice to choose between good and evil, it’s hard to always choose good. It’s so much easier to choose the evil because it comes so naturally while good is more worked for.

We all make mistakes. This is because we are human. We all fail at something and we all win in something. This is because that’s life. This world is so full of evil we are literally choking on it. The air becomes so thick with all this blood that was shed for our own good that it’s beginning to kill us. Life becomes so difficult to tread through because we and everyone around us are making life a hard road to travel on.

None of us actually want to be evil, we just are. Every human being wants to be good. We want to prove to the world that we are better than that, but most of the time, something triggers the evil hidden in our hearts. Something turns us against what matters, but something keeps us flourishing in good.

Our whole lives are books that have already been written. It starts from the birth of our souls and continues into the birth of our bodies. It tells how we lost our first tooth. It tells our fear and excitement at our high school graduation. It tells about the first time we fell in love. It shows our deepest emotions, our first job interview, the day our first child was born and how their story had just begun, and it has pictures of our growth. Pictures of our most treasured memories. It tells about the day our souls left our bodies and continued on with out them. The day we die will be the day we truly begin to live in either an eternity of darkness or an eternity of light. Which ever path we chose whether it was the rough dirt road or the smooth pavement, we stop at our final, eternal destination.

I know it’s hard. Believe me, I do. You have to see the good in everything, even yourself. You were born with a beautiful soul and an evil heart. Which are you going to let run wild?

Honestly, you should always choose good. It’s a bumpy road from all the evil the butts in every once in a while and the temptations. You have to live life to its fullest but in doing so, stay on the right side of good because there is a good to evil and an evil to good.

Just how there is good in every human being…

The next time while you’re down thinking the world is just so evil like it’s trying to swallow you alive, take a step back and look at the beauty in every living thing. Embrace the good things and good will begin to come naturally. Evil will always be around every corner but it’s just like getting over a hater. Don’t let its words bother you. Keep moving. Shine. You have a beautiful soul. That is all that matters.

Do something good today. Smile at someone. Leave sticky notes on public bathroom mirror saying how amazing that person is. You’ll be amazed how good it makes you feel and how it makes you just so much happier.

~Stay You~

~Alexia Dawn

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