Hello, a little bit about me that you should now is that I have always loved writing. For so many years it has been my escape. Some like to say that I was born with an old soul because I am very young, but I know so much about life even though I’m still learning who I am. Everyone always comes to me for advice. Honestly, I enjoy it. I love helping people.

I actually have been writing for five years. I keep wanting to say four. Time just flies by so fast. I enjoy reading a lot. I take after my grandmother when it comes to books. I love to wake up to a rainy morning, wrap up in a blanket, in slippers with a cup of coffee, and just read. Books have just always been my way of escaping the nonsense in the world.

I love to take pictures. I guess I am guiltily into the photography. Guilty because it was my sister’s ‘thing’ for a while, so maybe I stole the idea… Well, not entirely because I like to edit the pictures and put quotes on them that I’ve either found or made up. If you look closely, you’ll see my watermark ‘@___lexxie___’ Which will change soon. Check them out on Instagram @__just.imagine__

~Much Love

             ~Alexia G.